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Treatment Services
Dr. Schuster offers the following services:
*Psychological & Neuropsychological evaluations of ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Disorders (Autism, Aspergers, PDD)
*Individual therapy/counseling
*Parent training in behavior management strategies
*Play therapy
*Social skills groups
*Individual strategy training in study skills, test-taking, and memory

Dr. Schuster's LDA Workshop
Community Service
Our office strongly believes that a well-informed community is vital to the successful treatment of children experiencing behavioral difficulties and emotional distress. Dr. Schuster has made numerous presentations in an effort to educate the public on such issues, including international conferences in Atlanta, Reno and New York City. He is pleased to provide free lectures and/or seminars for schools, parent groups, church groups and other community organizations. Topics available for discussion include:
Learning Disabilities
Anxiety Disorders
Depression in Children
Oppositional Behavior
Parent Training in Behavior Management

Please feel free to contact us at 383-5040 for further information regarding availability.